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When her cousin Bruce Wayne seemingly abandons Gotham, Kate Kane picks up the cowl as Batwoman but learns she must first overcome her own demons before she fully take on those threatening her city.



October 6 at 8pm


  • Ruby Rose

  • Dougary Scott

  • Rachel Skarsten 

  • Dakota Daulby

  • Brendon Zub

  • Elizabeth Anweis

  • Nicole Kang

  • Camrus Johnson


THE FINAL WORD:  The CW's rise to success all ties back to the "Arrow-verse" of super-heroes and with "Arrow" signing off and the charismatic Stephen Amell leaving the fold, the network needs a new hero and Ruby Rose/"Batwoman" could be its next big thing. 

A criminal profiler and son of a notorious serial killer is asked by the NYPD to investigate a string of copycat murders linked back to his father's reign of terror.

Nancy Drew


October 9 at 9pm


  • Kennedy McMann

  • Scott Wolf

  • Tunji Kasim

  • Leah Lewis

  • Alex Saxon

  • Maddison Jaizani

  • Riley Smith


THE FINAL WORD: If there has been one property that has been stuck in a giant state of limbo for years - it's "Nancy Drew." The upside of that is that it landed at The CW. After seeing what the network did with "Riverdale," expectations are high here.

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