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With a new roster of rookie series comes the knowledge not all will be hits. While not all of the below are doomed from the start, a number of them will likely have a harder road to succeed than others. Whether it’s because the plot leaves something to be desire, its time slot is just terrible or it is being launched with little fanfare, you should watch all of them at your own risk.


#1 (Last Week - NA)

With Arrow signing-off, the CW super-hero realm could use a new brooding vigilante at the helm and Batwoman seems custom-made to take the mantle. Don't expect big-ratings, but with The CW that's not as important as the demo appeal and social success.


#2 (Last Week - NA)

If you liked The Good Wife, you owe it to yourself to try this series - even if it is darker, creepier and a complete change of pace.


#3 (Last Week - NA)

ABC's Black-ish franchise continues to pay off dividends and this one should keep the streak going strong.

Carol's Second Act

#4 (Last Week - NA)

From Everybody Loves Raymond to The Middle, Patricia Heaton remains one of TV's most reliable leads and should fit right at home back on the network where she first started.

Prodigal Son

#5 (Last Week - NA)

This twist on the traditional cat-and-mouse game takes a clever turn with two very talented actor as the leads.

Nancy Drew

#6 (Last Week - NA)

If anyone can launch a franchise off this iconic detective series - it's The CW.

Perfect Harmony

#7 (Last Week - NA)

Bradley Whitford has become Hollywood's go-to flawed everyman and this plays right in his wheelhouse.

The Unicorn

#8 (Last Week - NA)

Walton Goggins has spent years playing morally questionable characters  and it will be nice to finally see this under-valued actor as the good guy.


#9 (Last Week - NA)

Stumptown is a show that looks like once people watch it they'll understand it (and likely come back for more) - but it may be hard to get them to tune in that first week.

Bob Hearts Abishola

#10 (Last Week - NA)

Yes, it is an odd premise - but Chuck Lorre's proven time-after-time he's got a knack for these things.


#11 (Last Week - NA)

ABC really wants this to be its next Lost - and America is really nervous it will turn out the same way. Let's see if audiences will be willing to get on the ride again.


#12 (Last Week - NA)

Comedies with timely social elements pulled from the news don't usually resonate with audiences, not sure this one will be any different. 

Bluff City Law

#13 (Last Week - NA)

Jimmy Smitts is a big name and a big get, but this seems like a "safe" show and not necessarily one that will break through, despite The Voice as its lead-in.

All Rise.

#14 (Last Week - NA)

CBS has a knack for light legal procedurals but this one may be up against much stiffer competition to break through. 

Almost Family

#15 (Last Week - NA)

What's ironic here is on paper this looks so far removed from reality that it couldn't possibly work - and yet a similar situation actually unfolded over the summer. Not sure FOX will give this one a long leash especially given how precious a slot on it schedule has become.

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