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Every season seems to have one or two "it" series that seems destined for success from the start. However, beyond that it gets a little hazy as the networks usually bank heavy on specific trends that aren't always proven with viewers. Here's a look at the safer choices that should be given enough time to find an audience.

The Good Doctor

Monday’s at 10:00pm (ABC) - PREMIERING: September 25

Many people never watched A&E’s Bates Motel which was a shame because the ensemble as a whole was one of the best on TV. This fall three of those actors are coming back in new roles with Freddie Highmore being the most visible. In The Good Doctor, Highmore plays a medical savant on the autism spectrum making him an outsider at the hospital where he’s been recruited. On the surface, the plot seems simple but Highmore and his co-stars including The West Wing’s Richard Schiff make this one worth keeping an eye on.

The Brave

Monday's at 10:00pm (NBC) - PREMIERING: September 25

NBC’s post-The Voice timeslot on Monday’s has always been the most coveted for rookies and this year it is going to The Brave. The problem is that Brave is one of countless military themed shows this season and that’s going to force audiences to make a choice. That said Brave, which follows a team of America's elite undercover military heroes, seems one of the more promising, but avoid the teaser video put out by NBC as it gives away the entire first episode.

Young Sheldon

Thursday's at 8:30pm (CBS) - PREVIEWING: September 25

The biggest question about this Big Bang Theory spin-off prequel isn’t whether it will be good, but if audiences can get used to a version of the show without a laugh-track. The comedy, narrated by Jim Parsons, centers on his Emmy-winning character as a child growing up in Texas. Young Sheldon is played by Big Little Lies breakout Iain Armitage and in a bit of perfect casting his mother is played by Zoe Perry, the real-life daughter of Laurie Metcalf – who plays adult Sheldon’s mother on Big Bang.
Note: This is a sneak preview, the show doesn’t officially begin until Nov. 2


Wednesday's at 9:00pm (CBS) - PREMIERING: September 27

Again, military themed shows are big this season and CBS made a big investment by grabbing David Boreanaz in his first post-Bones series. Boreanaz is joined by a solid cast including Bates Motel’s Max Theriot, CSI: NY’s A.J. Buckley and Mad Men’s Jessica Pare. The series, which seems like a perfect fit for the network, follows the lives of an elite Navy S.E.A.L. team, both in the field and at home.


Sunday's at 8:30pm (Fox) - PREMIERING: October 1

On paper Ghosted seems like a can’t-miss comedy given it has Craig Robinson and Adam Scott in the leads and its timeslot is between Fox mainstays The Simpsons and Family Guy, but we’ve said that before about various Fox shows in the past so it remains to be seen if this can go the distance. The comedy centers on a skeptic and true-believer that's recruited by a secret government organization to investigate bizarre paranormal experiences. Either way Robinson and Scott are gifted performers and audiences are guaranteed a few genuine laughs.

The Mayor

Tuesday’s at 9:30pm (ABC) PREMIERING: October 3, 2017

Community's Yvette Nicole Brown has always been one of TV’s most under-appreciated TV stars. She’s smart and funny and clearly going to be the backbone of this show. The Mayor follows a rapper (Brandon Michael Hall) who in a bid to raise his music profile runs for the mayor of his town – and wins. Brown’s plays Hall’s mother and Glee’s Lea Michele returns to TV as his chief of staff. With Black-ish moving to Tuesday’s and serving as Mayor’s lead-in, expect this one to get sampled.


Wednesday's at 9:00pm (The CW) PREMIERING: October 11, 2017

TV’s relationship with reboots has been spotty over the years. Sometimes they work (90210) and sometimes they don’t (Melrose Place) and sometimes they start off strong and then crater (Dallas) but either way none of them have lasted as long as the originals (or even come close). Still, The CW is game to try it again though with Dynasty and it could just be soapy and cheesy enough to work. The series follows two of America’s wealthiest families as they clash with Melrose’s Grant Show in the lead role. Given The CW’s success with time-shifted ratings this could easily be a guilty-pleasure weekend-binge down the road and the network will likely give it time to find its way.


Thursday’s at 10:00pm (CBS) - PREMIERING: November 2, 2017

If this sounds insanely similar to another new CBS series – it’s not you and that’s kind of the point. SWAT, based on the 2003 movie, which was in turn based on the 1975 TV series, is headlined by the very likeable Shemar Moore. Moore, who for years headlined fellow CBS procedural Criminal Minds, plays the leader of an elite SWAT team and the series follows their adventures (again in the field and in their personal lives). Like Seal Team, this is a perfect CBS series that will fit comfortably alongside NCIS, Hawaii Five-O, Blue Bloods and of course Criminal Minds. If the very similar Kevin Can Wait and Man With A Plan can each work - it is likely so can SWAT  and SEAL Team.

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