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When many of your favorite shows return this season, they may look slightly different than they did when they signed off in May. For some it's the addition of a new face or two, while others have hit the reset button in a big way. Here's what you need to know to avoid a double-take - and fair warning, some are going to take some time to wrap your head around.

Jennifer Morrsion

"This Is Us"

Following her runs on House and Once Upon A Time, Jenifer Morrison became one of the more in-demand actresses and while her next role is classified as “recurring” it’s none-the-less anticipated. Morrison will join the cast of NBC’s This Is Us is a new undisclosed role that will have a heavy presence on the plot – even if we have no idea what that role entails.

Ronda Rousey


From UFC to WWE to series TV, the multi-talented athlete will join the cast of FOX’s breakout drama. The series, which already boasts an A-list cast headlined by Peter Krause and Angela Bassett, seems like a perfect for Rousey who may not be an actress in the traditional sense, but still highly entertaining and that’s the point.

Cote de Pablo


It may just be for one episode (or hopefully more) but the return of Cote de Pablo to the show that made her a name is a big deal. Audiences love both her and character, which made her surprise return in the show’s most recent finale even more of a treat. Even if it is just a one-off so be it, the fans have been waiting six years for it and knowing NCIS’ talented team, it will be well worth the wait.

Jason Ritter

"A Million Little Things"

The sleeper hit of last season will return in the fall with a new recurring guest star who several viewers will recognize. Jason Ritter, who has bounced around series-to-series over the last few years, will join the ensemble in an undisclosed role, but one that will likely continue to keep things just as interesting in the show’s sophomore run.

"The Rookie" Cast

It’s been an interesting off-season for The Rookie – and not in a good way. With original cast member Afton Williamson departing following her allegations of abuse, the show will be re-shuffling the deck. While Williamson’s character will be written out, Lost vet Harold Perrineau will join as a new mentor of sorts for Nathan Fillion’s titular character John Nolan. In addition, Heroes alum Ali Larter will come on board as a ER nurse with ties to Nolan’s past.

"One Chicago" Cast

It was a bit of a shock last year when the “One Chicago” teams shook up its core cast across two of its three shows. Departing Chicago P.D. is original cast member Jon Seda and leaving Chicago Med is original cast member Colin Donnell as well as long-time cast member Norma Kuhling. The trio join John C.  McGinley who’s recurring character was dispatched in the P.D. finale. That opens the door for Private Practice’s Paul Adelstein to join the cop drama as a new political figure with The Fosters star Lisseth Chavez who will join the core team. Meanwhile Dominic Rains (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) will scrub into Chicago Med and Alberto Rosende (Shadowhunters) will suit up with Chicago Fire.

Morris Chestnut

"The Resident"

FOX’s medical drama has quietly continued to bolster its cast with even more bold-faced names throughout its run and season three will be no difference. Following last season’s finale in which the series’ signature hospital was sold, Morris Chestnut will join the ensemble as a new doctor/financial overseer whose character will likely conflict with the hospital’s “patient first, cost second” unofficial tradition.

The "Arrow-verse"

It would take awhile (and a lot of pictures) to fully list out all the coming and goings across the various Arrow-verse shows, so it may be better to topline it. On Arrow, the series will be without original cast member Emily Bett Rickards who left at the end of the last season – though given it’s Arrow’s final run nobody would be shocked to see her re-appear at some point (as will a number of series alums). On The Flash, Jessica Parker Kennedy will exit as speedster and Flash off-spring Nora, while over on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow original cast member Brandon Routh (and his Atom alter-ego) will depart early on along with Courtney Ford – who also happens to be Routh’s off-screen wife. Lastly, on "Supergirl" original cast member Jeremy Jordan will return to the fold, whole fellow original Mechad Brooks departs.

"The Sinner"

What started out as a one-season limited run drama from USA has turned into a successful franchise built around co-lead Bill Pullman. In the show’s third season, White Collar star Mat Bomer will return home to the network along with Sharp Object’s Chris Messina. Both will play into the new central mystery that revolves around a tragic car crash that starts off as routine and spirals into something much bigger and more disturbing.

Katey Sagal

"The Conners"

Introduced as a one-off guest star during The Conners first season, Katey Sagal will return to the ensemble as a new love interest for John Goodman’s lead character. Sagal plays a high school friend of Dan and Roseanne who left town to try and start a music career but has since returned to town.

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