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The daughter of a top fertility doctor is blindsided when she learns her father used his own sperm to conceive multiple babies - now along with her newfound sisters, they must come to terms with the truth and their extended family.

Almost Family


October 2 at 9pm


  • Brittany Snow

  • Timothy Hutton

  • Megalyn  Echikunwoke

  • Emily Osment


THE FINAL WORD: This is a great cast - the problem is the concept seems a little much for audiences. The show is tailored made for your female audiences - but so is "Nancy Drew" which airs at the same time. That said let's see if its "Masked Singer" lead-in can use its clout to turn the tide.

A criminal profiler and son of a notorious serial killer is asked by the NYPD to investigate a string of copycat murders linked back to his father's reign of terror.

Prodigal Son 


September 23 at 9pm


  • Tom Payne

  • Michael Sheen

  • Bellamy Young

  • Lou Diamond Phillips

  • Halston Sage

  • Aurora Perrineau

  • Frank Harts

  • Keiko Agena


THE FINAL WORD: Michael Sheen has slowly become one of the more in demand actors in recent years and Tom Payne picked up a nice following from his "Walking Dead' days - paired together they seem to have natural chemistry. They also have "9-1-1" as a lead-in and may be the best option on Monday's for those not into reality TV.

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